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My First Resume Format

In making your first resume, you need to put all the awards you had received from your past school years. Moreover, you can put your hobbies and interest to highlight the things you really love the most. In addition, you can put reliable character references so that somebody will back you up for the information […]

Internship Resume format

The purpose of an internship resume is to inform possible employers of a student or fresh graduate of his or her qualifications for the new job. The challenge is that, unlike typical employment resumes where experience is a major selling point, the student or fresh graduate has typically no on-the-job experience. With that in mind, […]

College Resume format

A college resume format presents the details of a college student’s profile. This resume is usually used for a variety of purposes while a student is in college. One is applying for a part-time job or internship. Another use is transferring to other colleges or schools. Whatever the reason, it is important to create a […]