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Fast Food Worker Resume

Fast food workers are the people executing the routine activities at a fast food restaurant. The job duty may vary as per assigned task; however the most prominent duties are, Receiving food order from the customers Preparing and serving the ordered food to customers Some fast food workers may opt for part-time employment while the […]

Banquet Server Resume

A banquet server can find employment typically at hotels with a banquet hall. The other job option available to a banquet server is at celebration halls where food is served to a group. He/she is responsible for serving food to guests, arrangements of tables, curtains, arrangement of the food counters, welcoming the guests, etc. The […]

Doorman Resume

A doorman is a “Front door” job. This man, standing at the entrance of a renowned hotel / club / organization, welcoming the guests and visitors, represents the face of that hotel or organization. Hence, in order to make this first impression beneficial, the hotel chooses a person who, Has a smart and pleasant personality […]