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HR Interviewer Resume Format

Interviewers in the HR Department or 3rd party head hunters conduct initial interviews of job applicants by telephone, webcam or in person.  In addition to verifying and completing the information contained in their resume or application forms, the interview shortlists the candidates for further screening.  Trained interviewers with psychology background provide initial impression on the […]

Payroll and Benefits Coordinator Resume Format

Companies with large employees spread across various locations often have departmentalized payroll administration functions. This is done to accommodate remote branches and affiliates each having its own Payroll and Benefits Coordinator to recognize the variances in salaries even for the same position and job grade. They also may have distinct local payroll depository accounts for […]

HR Job Analyst Resume Format

The Job Analyst collects occupational information, validates and formalizes the descriptive job model for each proposed and approved position in the company.  Once approved, the job model gets slotted into the corporate occupational database for developing screening criteria, economic and benefits standards, performance metrics and career path progression.  The job analyst coordinates with the salary […]