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Film Reviewer Resume Format

Many movie enthusiasts refer to film reviews before spending hard earned cash to watch a theatrical release, with some watching only highly rated films or waiting for the DVD or home releases to purchase.  The Film Reviewer often bases his or her assessment of a movie on a wealth of movie matching experience as objectively […]

Book Reviewer Resume Format

Professional Book Reviewers are tasked to read new literary manuscripts and publications to provide their expert commentary to help readers make a purchase decision.  Reviewers often specialize in one area or another like reviewing biographies, fiction and non-fiction novels, technical tutorials and self-help books, to mention some.  They can work as part time or freelance […]

Broadcast Journalist Resume Format

It’s often the culmination of a broadcast journalist’s dreams to reach celebrity status among their peers.  Barbara Walters and Peter Jennings started out as Broadcast Journalists.  But apart from having excellent writing skills, a striking telegenic quality and an incisive wit in front of the camera, broadcast journalists have to work hard in getting their […]