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Traditional Resume

Traditional resume are the type of CV that are usually used by individuals that are applying for jobs. This type of resume includes different facts about the applicant. Some of the information that the traditional resume contain are the personal information of the applicant, the job experiences of the applicant, and the position that the […]

CV Resume

A CV resume format is the most effective way of applying for a job. People usually pattern their own resume from a resume template of their unique field. This may sound easy to follow but with six CV formats available, applicants should choose very well on the kind resume example they’ll use as their guideline. […]

Web based Resume

A web-based resume format presents your resume in hypertext markup language or HTML in order to make it available in the web 24/7. Many employers look for prospect job applicants through the internet so online resume versions have also become popular among job seekers. Moreover, a web-based resume presents several advantages. Aside from aiding faster […]