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Manager (Planning)

Janelle J. Lago 3622 Davisson Street Ladoga, IN 47954 (765) 942-7856 MANAGER ~ PLANNING • PURCHASING • LOGISTICS Seasoned manager with expertise in reengineering costly processes and improving productivity. An excellent leader and fair manager. Professional strengths include: Ÿ       Budget Preparation Ÿ       Project Management Ÿ       Production Planning Ÿ       Performance Improvement Ÿ       Scheduling Ÿ       Materials Management […]

Data Analyst (Public Health)

Louis A. Alfred 2867 Sundown Lane Austin, TX 78759 (512) 241-5561 Summary of Qualifications •     Organized and efficient with excellent community skills. •     Skilled at executing high-pressure projects. •     Decisive yet flexible with constantly changing commitments. •     Able to coordinate multiple projects with tight deadlines. •     Enthusiastic and creative. • […]

Computer Instructor

Ken L. West 1245 Connor Street Gulfport, MS 39501 (228) 870-2981 Summary of Qualifications Computer professor with additional experience in network administration and project management. Key areas of expertise include: Instruction • Computer Instruction     • MicroSoft Curriculum • Student Assessment     • Curriculum Development • Lectures     • Lesson Plans Computers • Microsoft Operating […]