Broadcasting News Director Resume

A radio news director is a person who monitors and controls all the activities included in the actual news presentation program. The success or failure of the news program depends on his/her directorial skills. A broadcasting news director is supposed to have a thorough understanding of all the stages involved in the creation of a news program with enough experience.

Given below is a broadcasting news director resume sample.

Sample Broadcasting News Director Resume David White
1234, X Street, Y Park,
San Jose, CA-95110
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]

Objective : To seek the position of a radio news director at a reputed radio broadcasting station

Summary of Qualifications :

  • Extremely passionate about the news industry
  • Highly organized thought process with strong implementation abilities
  • Good leadership skills
  • Thorough understanding of processes involved in the creation of a news program
  • Extensive work experience as a news director
  • Enough exposure to the fast paced work environment in the electronic media

Professional Experience :

XYZ Radio Station, San Jose (2006-Present)
News Director

  • Receiving the news copy from the editors and discussing with them about the priority and presentation of each news
  • Planning the program considering the specifications and time limits and distribution of the responsibilities accordingly
  • Monitoring and controlling each process
  • Gathering all the concerned authorities and executives and co-ordination between them
  • Maintaining regulations at the recording studio
  • Finishing all the involved tasks in the stipulated time
  • Maintaining work records and sending the periodic reports to the higher authorities

UVW Radio, San Francisco (2004-2006)
Assistant News Director

  • Conducted meetings with the news editors and accompanied the news director in the detailed discussions of the received news copy
  • Assisted the news directors by preparing detailed planning of the news events
  • Monitored the executives individually and assessed their work
  • Maintained the detailed records of each activity and submitted the end reports to the news director

Academic education :

  • Graduated in Broadcasting Media from DG School of Art and Media, San Jose, CA (2002)
  • Completed post graduate diploma in electronic media from California state university (2004)

Extra Curricular :

  • Prepared a documentary about the orphan children in San Jose in my school days

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