Construction Engineer Resume Format

Civil engineering is a broad but distinctively diverse field of engineering. When applying for a post in the civil engineering field, ensure that the resume is standard and presentable in terms of relevance and applicability. You must put emphasis on successful previous projects and certifications and endorsement if any. A sample of good civil engineer curriculum vitae is shown below.

This sample resume can be helpful if you are applying for a job such as that of a Construction Engineer.

Sample Construction Engineer Resume

Aman Verma

36, Sushant Street

New Delhi

Home: 011 2345674

Mobile: +984567432

[email protected]

Career Objective: Desires a civil engineer position that utilizes my technical background and expertise in Architecture, Planning and Engineering. Would like to work for an established international engineering firm that specializes in urban building constructions

Work Experience:

May 2003 to Present

Construction Engineer

* Inspecting the site and preparing feasibility report.
* Analyzing and studying the projects before endorsing final shape
* Keeping unauthorized contractors at bay.
* Hiring competent laborers and advising the company regarding sophisticated technology.
* Applying safety measures to prevent construction structures from any climatic impacts

February 2001 – November 2002

Water Engineer

* Installing standardized pipes to ensure that water supplied cannot be interrupted
* Ensuring regular mixing up of chlorine and filtered water supply
* Keeping additional water reserve to ensure the supply on peak demand.

Academic Qualifications:


Master of Science Degree in Structural Engineering

Zurich University, Zurich, Germany


Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering

Bonn Technical University, Bonn, Germany


* AutoCAD Proficient
* Supervising
* Training
* Craft Supervision

Interest and Hobbies:

* Sketching
* Graphic Designing

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