Fashion & Wardrobe Consultant Resume Format

Although they could have been fashion designers in an earlier occupation, the Fashion & Wardrobe Consultant is more in the management consultancy profession where they provide advice on the right clothes to wear for any event or occasion.  They are often consulted on corporate uniforms, celebrity gala events, and by protocol officers in diplomatic events.  They are on top of current and emerging fashion trends that involve styling changes in apparel, make-up and hair-dos and work with companies and celebrities to make a lasting positive stylish impression on their looks wherever they get publicity.

Fashion $ Wardrobe Consultant Resume Format

Sarah G. Chong

Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phone:  215-787-9089

[email protected]


Looking for a position As Fashion & Wardrobe Consultant for an airline or high profile business

Summary of Qualification

* Total of 9 years of experience in the fashion styling business in the airline industry with the last 4 years as a fashion and wardrobe consultant.
* Excellent social and interpersonal skills in dealing with clients.

Career Experience/Job History

2006 – Present:  Freelance Fashion & Wardrobe Consultant,

* Perform research on travel trends and airline industry development to identify areas for design and consultancy work
* Provide advice to clients on uniforms and styling cues from current fashion trends and present photos and illustrations for options.

2002 – 2006:  Assistant Fashion & Wardrobe Consultant,  Landor Associates

* Work with design teams to specify colors and styling for airline clients in creating a new and more updated look for their flight attendants and corporate logos.
* Coordinate with client on their marketing objectives and market profiles to examine preferences and tastes that allows corporate uniforms and styles that can attract more markets.


2001 – Present:  In-house and 3rd party seminars on changing fashions and markets styling preferences.

1998 – 2001: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Pennsylvania State University

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