Independent Consultant Resume Format

This resume tells the reader about the work of the consultants, it outlines the projects one has worked on before and also the details. It gives information on the consultants company the clients he/she has worked for and also a description of the project. This sample resume below can be used as a guide for applicants seeking sales consultant jobs, human resources consultant jobs and business consultant jobs.

Sample Independent Consultant Resumes

Jay Graham

7801 East1-40

Amarillo TX

USA 79118

Phone: 806 457-8759


To work with a multinational on a major project

Work Experience

2005 – Present: Independent Contractor – World Space Technologies: Senior Consultant


Designing the company’s billing system

Used skilled personnel to provide knowledge on portal intranet including designing and implementing data management models.

Designed product Price generator software for the company’s Products.

Designed customized systems on post rating policy.

Provided software and systems management training to the company’s staff on how to do maintenance and trouble shooting.

Designed templates for loading events for the prepaid system.

Did integration tests to adjust the system to enhance performance.

2002 -2005: Independent Contractor – Systemic Ltd: Mechanical Consultant


Developed the operating system that allowed the redeemed credit points to act as form of payment or as gift cards.

Designed and implemented Data Managers and encoding for validation of the gift cards in connection to the prepaid card vendor using messaging services.

Authored design specifications, required documents and unit test plans.

Implemented account models and creation of user tools for the system.

Diagnosed and analyzed data, to detect memory malfunctions such as leaks and to automatically fix.

Designed a system for data management and testing in a purified manner.

1998-2002:  University of California State: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Successfully designed a cost saving billing system for systemic ltd



Watching movies

Listening to music

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