Creative Designer Resume Format

Creative designer is one of the highly paid jobs in creative professional field. Creative designer is responsible for conceptualizing various unique designs and ideas for the organization. They can work as set designers in film industry. The job of creative designer is to formulate a proper design for the product or other materials based on the client needs. Given here is a Creative Designer Resume which is helpful in applying for the jobs of Creative Designer, Assistant Creative Designer and Freelance Creative Designer.

Creative Designer Resume Format

Harry Potter

980 South West Street,
Dayfields, MA 089540

[email protected]

Seeking the job as a creative designer in leading advertising agencies that can utilize my creative skills and experience.

Summary of Qualifications:

• Innovative and creative skills.

• On hands experience in designing software applications.

• Ability to think out of the box.
2000 -2002
University of Indiana, Masters of Arts – Intermedia

University of Arizona, Bachelors of Arts – Intermedia
Career Experience/Job History:
Welcome Advertising Agency

Creative Designer

• Interact with clients and prepare unique designs for promotional material.

• Involved in Providing ideas for promotional events and implement them for effective product advertising.

Bindass Advertisement Consultants
Creative Designer

• Primary responsibility involved designing and implimenting various advertising strategies.

• Formulate various advertising strategies for promotional events.


• Many of the promotional events conceptualized and managed by me was a huge success.

• The advertising strategy implemented by me resulted in sales of the product by 45%.

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