Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Worker Resume Format

Laundry and dry-cleaning workers clean garments, linens, draperies, blankets, and other articles. They are known to clean leather, furs, suede, and rugs. Laundry and dry-cleaning workers provide proper cleaning by adjusting machine settings for a given fabric, as determined by the cleaning instructions on each item of clothing. When necessary, workers treat spots and stains on articles before laundering or dry-cleaning. They ensure that items are not lost or misplaced with those of another customer.

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Worker Resume Format

Salvador G. Fereiro

Hudson St., Buffalo, NY

Phone: (718) 898-0243

[email protected]

Summary of Qualifications

* 6-years experience in the hotel cleaning services
* Dependable, honest, responsible, and hardworking
* Excellent oral communication skills in English and Puerto Rican

Career Experience/Job History

2004 – Present:  Laundry Dry Cleaner, Westgate Cleaners, New York

* Receive and mark items for laundry or dry cleaning with identifying code numbers or names, using hand or machine markers
* Inspect soiled articles to determine sources of stains, to locate color imperfections, and to identify items requiring special treatment.
* Regulate machine processes with the right volume of, water, bleach, detergent, starch, and other additives.
* Sort and count articles removed from dryers, fold, wrap, or hang them.
* Examine and sort into lots articles to be cleaned, according to color, fabric, dirt content, and cleaning technique required.
* Load articles into washers or dry-cleaning machines, or direct other workers to perform loading.
* Mix and add detergents, dyes, bleaches, starches, and other solutions and chemicals to clean, color, dry, or stiffen articles.
* Clean machine filters, and lubricate equipment.

Education and Qualifications

1997 – 2001: High School Diploma, Caguas National High, Puerto Rico

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