Bank Customer Service Resume Format

This resume shows ones experience in the customer care industry, it outlines all the banks one has worked for, the position held and the duties and responsibility performed. It also contains the applicant’s achievements which help to make the resume stand out from the rest. This resume can be used to apply for other positions like guest relation officer jobs, accounts inquiry related jobs etc.

Sample Bank Customer Service Resume

Martin Clark

Oklahoma City

Zip Code 65466

Telephone 235-657-7654


To head the public relations department of an American leading bank or a major finance company, e.g. KPMG.

Work Experience

2003-Presently: Blue mark Bank: Customer care Representative.


I received and solved customer complaints.

I prepared financial statements of accounts for customers on demand.

I advised customers on which accounts would best suit their financial needs.

I assisted new customers to open accounts and various banking procedures.

I ushered in customers into the offices of relevant bank staff they wanted to meet.

2002-2003: Micro Finance Bank: Public Relations


Met with clients on behalf of the company.

Went to the field to inform public about our products.

Organized and Conducted corporate responsibility campaigns.

Advised clients on various issues they asked about

2000-2002:  Green world Finance: Public Relations Officer


Providing information about the company whenever I was required to.

Writing press releases

Advising management on various media coverage issues.

Writing speeches for the managers.

Organizing corporate events.

1998-2000: Witwatersrand University.

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations.


Graduating with honors at university.


Playing soccer

Watching rugby

Watching movies

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