Customer Service Resume Format

A customer service resume format aims to present a person’s profile based on that certain career field.  It focuses more on details about a person’s career that highlights experiences and knowledge in customer service. Technically, experiences such as customer-facing jobs and handling customer concerns are the keywords that must be emphasized on your resume if you want a position in a similar field.

Favor is given to applicants who have more experience in the field. State them in your career profile summary, along with your highest attainment in the field. Otherwise, omit your profile summary and proceed with your employment history. Emphasizing what is favored in your resume is your goal. For your work experience, list your position title, company name, and the inclusive dates of employment. Summarize in bullets your main functions in the job and your achievements. Next, state your skills that have been developed from your work experience. Place more emphasis on skills that relate to customer service.

Your education history must follow. List your course, the name of the school, and the dates. Also, state your achievements, such as honors and awards received. Finally, list your personal information and your reference persons at the end of your resume.

Customer Service Resume Format and Example

Amy Lee

293 Hidden Valley Miami
Florida, USA

(012) 345-6789

[email protected]


To apply for a managerial position in customer service department to utilize my knowledge and skills in the field


* More than 4 years of experience and expertise in customer service
* Currently taking Masters in Business Administration to further acquire knowledge in management and public relations
* Outgoing and result oriented
* Endorsed for promotions in a managerial position by the HR Department


Customer Service Specialist                     2006 – present

JetBlue Airlines Corporation

Miami Florida, USA

* Handles customer concerns, disputes, and other major issues
* Oversees day– to-day customer relations functions
* Devises strategies in improving customer care functions
* Facilitates learning and development among the junior customer representatives
* Handles training for the assistant customer service representatives


* Customers’ Choice Awardee, 2008
* Employee of the Year Awardee, 2007 and 2008

Assistant Customer Service Representative              2004 – 2006

JetBlue Airlines Corporation

Miami Florida, USA

* Handles minor customer concerns and issues
* Handles customer inquiry in ticketing, seats available, and flight schedules
* Answers customer problems through telephone
* Best New Hire Awardee, 2004


* Skillful in dealing with different types of people and handling pressure
* Has excellent problem solving skills
* Has superb public relations ability and communication skills
* Knowledgeable in computer applications and MS Office
* Fluent in English in written and oral communications


Masters in Business Administration          2007 – present

University of Miami

Miami, Florida, USA

* Dean’s Lister for 3 semesters

Bachelor of Science in Psychology                2000 – 2004

University of Miami

Miami, Florida, USA

* Major in human psychology
* Minors in management and marketing
* Graduated with honors
* Dean’s Lister for 4 semesters


Birth Date  December 26, 1983

Civil Status  Single

Nationality  American

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