Customer Service Supervisor Resume Format

This resume exposes the applicant’s capabilities as a leader. It outlines the supervisory roles he/she has played and the companies served. It also gives details of his personality judging from the career objectives and the achievements. This resume also gives and account of the owners work experience in terms of years and can be used when applying for jobs like customer care manager jobs.

Sample Customer Service Supervisor Resume

Audrey Green

Houston Texas

Zip Code 7374

Telephone 523-23273458


To rise to the level of top management at a busy working environment.

Work Experience

2008-Presently: Blue Marlin Fishing Club: Client Relations/Supervisor


I was in charge of customer care operations.

I negotiated process and offers with the clients.

I briefed the kitchen staff on what the clients’ requirements were.

Conducting interviews with customers to gauge their satisfaction, service wise.

2006-2008: Ridgeway Investment ltd: Customer care Manager.


I received and solved customer complaints.

I prepared financial statements of accounts for customers on demand.

I advised customers on which accounts would best suit their financial needs.

I assisted new customers to open accounts and various banking procedures.

I ushered in customers into the offices of relevant bank staff they wanted to meet.

2005-2008:  Dreseden Chemicals: Customer Relations Supervisor


Negotiating contracts with clients.

Providing information about the company whenever I was required to.

Briefing the client on the job going on in the field.

Accompanying clients to the sites and briefing them.

Picking calls at the office and ushering in visitors.

2004-2008: Boston University.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.


Rising to the (middle level management) supervisor level in my career.


Listening to music

Watching movies

Reading novels

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