Fast Food Cashier Resume

Fast food restaurant is one of the most eminent food businesses across the states and is providing a great deal of employment to youngsters (mostly to teenagers!).

Working at a fast food restaurant doesn’t always mean preparing burgers and sandwiches. The other important job is that of a cashier which includes duties such as,

  • To welcome the customers
  • Receive the orders and the respective cash from the customers
  • Handing over appropriate food parcels
  • Other assistance as demanded

The fast food cashier also has to coordinate with other staff, such as the culinary workers to check the status of the food orders etc.

Now go through the sample resume given below.

Sample Fast Food Cashier Resume Justin Nelson
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Riverside, CA-92506
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]

Objective : To work as a cahier at a well reputed and well-liked fast food restaurant and offer my best services to gain excellent career move ahead

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Large and diverse cashier work experience at renowned fast food restaurants
  • Immense familiarity with the general duties of a fast food cashier
  • Vast exposure to the commonly arising troubles at cash counters and ability to find innovative remedies for situations
  • Uncommon ability of identifying invalid and fake currency, effortlessly
  • Extra ordinary fluency in communication and enormous customer convincing abilities
  • Excellent hand at computer tools and web

Professional Work Experience:

Red Burger Fast Food Restaurant, Riverside, CA (2005-Present)

  • Welcoming the customers with proper verbiage and probing for their food orders politely
  • Transferring the food orders to the subordinates for getting it prepared
  • Monitoring consistently the food quality and service quality of orders being served
  • Tallying the orders served and collected cash at the end of the day
  • Taking care of all the bank transactions for the restaurant’s bank account
  • Generating and forwarding the periodic cash reports to the higher officials

ABC Fast Food Restaurant, Riverside, CA (2005-Present)
Assistant Cashier

  • Recording the orders received by the cashier and forwarding them to culinary workers
  • Monitoring the status of placed orders and encouraging the workers for faster preparation of orders
  • Assuring the quality of food and arrangement of dishes are as per the standards marked by the higher authorities
  • Maintaining detailed records of served orders and collected cash
  • Assisting the cashier in generation of the daily cash reports

Academic education:

  • Secondary school graduate from Riverside Public School, Riverside, CA (2003)


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