Museum Visitor Guide Resume Format

With all the displayed artifacts, the visiting experience in a large museum can be bewildering if not for a well guided tour of the museum.  This is where a seasoned Museum Visitor Guide comes in.  While there are now self-service LCD monitors in major exhibit locations or simple descriptive plaques on their glass enclosures, a museum guide provides a more personal touch in giving out information that are often not in the official descriptions.  In addition, guides provide a supervised tour that minimizes chances of visitors getting lost or accidentally messing up the exhibit areas.

Museum Visitor Guide Resume Format

Melvin G. Atkins

Margaret St., Pensacola, Florida

Phone: (305) 675-6911

[email protected]


To be a museum visitor guide in a large metropolitan museum

Summary of Qualification

* 9 years of experience in guiding visitors to various museums in the state.
* Excellent interpersonal skills as well as communication skills in English

Career Experience/Job History

1997 – Present:  Museum Guide, Contractual for the Florida Best travel Agency

* Courteously greet visitors and after making an introduction and rules of the visit, usher visitors to museum or to specific exhibit location
* Introduce visitors to artifacts explain relevant historical information, cultural relevance and modern day significance.
* Demonstrate use of LCD terminals for automated inquiry responses.
* Implement educational programs with school and college tour groups
* Wear historic costumes representative of the area where they are to conduct the tour.


Guide a total of 15,000 tourist visitors to state museums between 2002 and the present


1998 – 2001: Bachelor of Arts in History and Archeology (Undergraduate), UCLA

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