Bus Driver Resume

Bus driver is the person who transports the passengers to their desired places in time. Except driving, bus drivers are responsible for various other duties related to drive such as they help small children to get off the bus and to cross the road, inspect the bus and ensures that all parts of bus are in working condition, they collects tickets and cash fares, helps passengers with their luggage and many other duties.

Bus drivers prepare records of amount collected, trip deviation and mechanical broken of vehicle, incidents, accidents, pickup demands and many more. Sometimes they have to face the enquiries, complaints and questions of public. He or she performs other various duties related to drive.

Richard Anderson,
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Objective: Seeking for a position of bus driver for a leading Transport Company.

Previous Work Experience:

Springdell School, New York
Worked as School Bus Driver

  • Followed all the rules for the safety of students when they get off the bus and cross the roads.
  • Followed strict time table to drop off and pick up the students.
  • Done the regulation of systems such as lightning, heating and ventilation for passenger’s comfort.
  • Provide guidance for small children to cross the roads.
  • Followed all the geographical and verbal directions by reading and studding maps.
  • Also keep interior of bus very clean.
  • Done minor repairing of vehicle as needed.
  • Prepared reports including the number of passengers and trips.
  • Responsible for reporting situations such as accidents, delays, transportation using mobile and telephones.
  • Make sure that the vehicle is in good condition to work for daily trips by checking brakes, tires, lights, oil, fuel, safety equipment, water etc.
  • Done other various duties as needed.

Some Travel Company, Boston
Worked as Bus Driver

  • Done driving to transport passengers over some specific routes with provided time table.
  • Also responsible for collecting cash fares and tickets.
  • Helped passengers with luggage.
  • Regulate systems like heating, lightning and ventilating to give comfort for passengers.
  • Responsible for duties other such as reporting the accidents and delays.
  • Keep maintenance of vehicle and done changing and repairing of tires.

Education Background:
High School Diploma, Boston
8 weeks commercial driving course from Golden Gate Driving School

Licenses: CDL-Class A


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