Professional Driver Resume

The position of professional driver is non-supervisory position. Duties of professional drivers include operating and maintenance of vehicle with safe manner, inspection of daily pre-trip and post-trip vehicle, keeping maintenance of vehicle, keeping record of trip, documentation of customer usage, preparing reports of delays and accidents and many other duties.

Except these duties they also responsible for providing good communication link between staff and customers. Professional driver must be having a helping nature that he can help to handicap or helpless people to enter and exit the vehicle. They also help with their baggage to put it at proper place. Responsible for various other duties as needed.

Richard Anderson,
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Objective: Seeking for an excellent position of professional driver to provide safe and reliable transportation service.


  • Able to drive vehicle of multi-passenger very safely and properly.
  • Able to read and understand the written instructions, route directions and map.
  • Able do repair of vehicle as needed.
  • Able to do accurate reports and records.
  • Ability to prepare records of accidents and delays.
  • Excellent ability to recognize needs for vehicle maintenance.

Work Summery:

New York Municipal, New York
Garage Truck Driver

  • Operate equipment following all rules and according to policies, procedures for safety.
  • Responsible for operating municipal truck in very safe and effective manner.
  • Take responsibility of maintenance of vehicle and keep it clean.
  • Done daily checkup, maintenance and repairs.
  • Responsible for argent repairing of vehicle as needed.
  • Keep daily record and maintenance.

Some Transport company
Worked as Route Driver

  • Worked as driver and managed sales route including about 70 stops including supermarkets, gas agencies, drug stores and many more.
  • Used hand carts and roll-on-rocks to move products into store.
  • Responsible for storing products on the proper place such as on shelves and in machines like vending and coolers.
  • Built excellent customer relationships.

B.S. in Arts, New York University

Certification: Air Brake Certification


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