Civil Engineering Resume Format

Civil engineering is arguably one of the most popular field is the area of professional engineers. This dynamic industry is ideal for individuals who are innovative and eager to play an active role in a job that actively contributes to the development of infrastructure. This sample civil engineering resume can be used to design resumes for civil engineers jobs, marine engineers jobs etc.

Sample Civil Engineering Resume

Evans White

45 Corner Road

Austin, Texas

[email protected]

Mobile Number: 556369236

Telephone Number: 5498626

Career Objective:

To use my ample experience as a civil engineer in professional organizations that believes in career advancement and resource conservation

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Civil Engineer- Consolidated Engineers


Designed a large industrial plant that catered to the treatment of waste water produced by other industries in the area

Served as a consultant for plant design and active development

Worked with government agencies in the creation of modern treatment plants that use the latest technology

2003-2004: Civil Engineer- Water and Life Engineer Consultants


Designed new processes aimed at improving the level of waste water management

Prepared reports on the importance of controlling the disposal of industrial waste

Facilitated the creation of treatment plants at subsidized costs

2005-2008: Civil Engineer- Network Engineers


Assisted other engineers to design a series of treatment processes for large scale development

Evaluated existing plants and provided recommendations for their improvement


Trained in the development of private facilities and industrial development

Trained in treatment processes for waste water

Trained in the construction of treatment plants


1992-1996: Bachelor of Civil Engineering- University of Dallas

1997-1999: Certification of Mechanical Engineering- University of Dallas


Set up an extensive industrial site that enhanced productivity and cost effective functions

Recognized by the Civil Engineers Society for active contribution to effective water treatment systems

Worked with government agencies to create sustainable waste water management facilities and sanitizing processes


Martial arts

Extreme sports

Flying helicopters

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