Computer Hardware Engineering Resume Format

A resume is an essential opportunity for job seekers to convince their potential employers that they are qualified for the position. This is the initial contact that the hiring official makes with the applicant and it is therefore necessary to be as clear and professional as possible. This resume can also be used to apply for network engineer jobs, lead engineer jobs, system engineer jobs, software developing engineer jobs, test engineer jobs e.t.c

Sample Computer Hardware Engineering Resume

Bret James

Low Drive

Los Angeles, California

[email protected]

Mobile Number: 15989798

Telephone Number:  24853205

Career Objective:

To serve as an innovative hardware engineer in a global organization that offers opportunities to work around the world

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Computer Hardware Engineer- May International Manufacturers


Developed computer hardware

Researched on latest computer hardware systems and their development in the industry

2003-2005: Computer Hardware Engineer- Carlton Systems


Responsible for testing computer hardware such as circuit boards and modems

Responsible for computer hardware installation

2006-2007: Computer Hardware Engineer- Resolve Technology Solutions


Provided training to computer hardware engineering interns

In charge of the computer hardware installation team and department operations

Project scheduling, coordination and management

Liaised with top management on the purchase and installation of computer hardware for other companies


Trained in computer hardware engineering

Trained in computer hardware installation

Trained in research and development of hardware systems


1994-1997: Bachelor of Computer Hardware Engineering- University of Chicago

1998-1999: Computer Applications Certification- Institute of Information Technology


Received an award from the Society of Computer Hardware Engineers

Trained a team of computer hardware engineering interns

Designed and developed a sophisticated line of hardware systems



Swimming competitions

White water rafting

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