Computer Software Engineering Resume Format

There are several job opportunities for computer software engineers who possess the required qualification. It is important to formulate a resume that clearly shows the potential employer the knowledge and experience that the applicant has acquired. This resume can also be used to apply for network engineer jobs, lead engineer jobs, system engineer jobs, test engineer jobs, software developing engineer jobs, test engineer jobs e.t.c

Sample Computer Software Engineering Resume

Noah Gomez

3438 Stock Avenue

Tucson, Arizona

[email protected]

Mobile Number: 159797990

Telephone Number: 24293849

Career Objective:

To be a qualified computer software engineer whose experience in design processes serves to develop the analysis and design of software programs

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Software Engineer- Network Computer Technologies


Managed the team of software engineering interns and took them through various projects

Carried out problem analysis and developed a range of software solutions

2003-2005: Software Engineer- Advance Communication Solutions


Responsible for configuring facilities with the input of Java technology for the purpose of reducing costs

Developed the network security design

2006-2008: software Engineer- Pam International Technologies


Provided information technology support for other companies on an outsourcing basis


Trained in Java development and problem analysis

Trained in various aspects of Java technology

Trained in management and team leadership


1993-1996: Bachelor of Science in Computer Software Engineering- International Institute of Engineering

1997-1999: Master of Information Technology- University of Arizona


Set up a sophisticated online system that improved the transfer of data and integrated company operations

Applied latest technology to create software programs that enabled the download of large amounts of data

Received recognition from the Association of Computer Software Engineers





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