Engineering Resume Format

An engineering resume format focuses on your attainments in the engineering field. Its content discusses your career based on this ground. Essentially, it must contain a profile that identifies the highest attainment in the field, the most recent and notable activities that you do, and your key characteristic in performing engineering functions. These are all summarized at the first section of your resume. You have to impress the reader with your developments in the field.

The next section must tackle your work background chronologically, starting from the current one. Identify your position, the company name, and the time. Details, such as your main functions and notable achievements must follow each entry. Your educational background is tackled in the same way and is listed next. It is also important to take note of your certifications, which define your career development based on the existing standards.

Finally, your core competencies must enrich the content of your resume. Identify each characteristic that support your profession, such as software or programs used, projects done, and your other skills. If you have been an engineer for many years already, you may omit the trivial details in your resume. You may include personal information to summarize your resume.

Engineering Resume Format and Example

John Clinton

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

(012) 345-6789

[email protected]


Seeking an entry-level position where I can apply my knowledge and skills in developing landmarks and public highways


* 5 years of practice in civil engineering
* Currently taking masters degree to further develop my skills in the field
* Skillful and passionate worker


Civil Engineer               2007 – present

BCI Engineers & Scientists, Inc.

Lakeland, Florida, USA

* Generally manages the facets of the plans, including design, research, and finalization
* Works with clients in order to produce the best plans
* Works with a team to create plans based on a client’s specifications
* Oversees the work of the new engineers and the associate engineers
* Produces blueprint of the final construction plans

Associate Civil Engineer         2004 – 2007

BCI Engineers & Scientists, Inc.

Lakeland, Florida, USA

* handles small projects for the company
* deals with the designing of construction plans
* reports to the civil engineers
* works with the other engineers on some projects


Masters in Civil Engineering                    2008 – present

University of Florida

Florida, USA

* Research Study: Ground work for buildings in cities versus in towns
* Constant Dean’s Lister

Bachelor Science in Civil Engineering       1999 – 2004

University of Florida

Florida, USA

* Graduated with honors
* Dean’s Lister for 4 semesters
* Awardee for best research study


* Certified engineering board passer
* Certified Professional Engineer
* Engineer-In-Training Certificate
* Full Engineer Certificate



* The Bloom Fields subdivision, Civil Engineer and Designer, 2007
* The Florida Bridge, Designer, 2007
* Jacksonville plazas and playgrounds, Designer, 2006

Software Skills

* A9CAD, NONLIN, RING, RMCalc, Bees 3.0
* StormNET, RiverCAD, DAMBRK
* Microsoft Applications, including MS Office

Other Skills

* Skillful in playing guitar
* Good in basketball and marathons
* Cooking and drawing


Birth Date:   October 8, 1983

Status:   Single

Nationality:    American

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