Environmental Engineering Resume Format

With the increased awareness of environmental conservation, the industry of environmental engineering is considered to be critically important. A well written resume should be clear and concise. It should contain relevant information pertaining to qualifications and experience. This resume can also be used to apply for lead engineer jobs, system engineer jobs, developing engineer jobs, test engineer jobs, chemical engineer jobs e.t.c

Sample Environmental Engineering Resume

James Jackson

124 Core Street

Miami, Florida

[email protected]

Mobile Number: 1559735178

Telephone Number: 536256543

Career Objective:

To be a qualified environmental engineer who is committed to resource conservation and the preservation of the natural environment by developing eco-friendly activities in organizations

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Environmental Engineer- Smith International Manufacturers


Audited the health system and managed the environment database

Coordinated environmental audits and monitored regulatory compliance

Provided engineering consultation services to other manufacturing companies

2003-2005: Production Engineer- Troy Manufacturing Company


Set up environmental laws that were designed to improve compliance

Provided health and safety regulation reports on a regular basis

Installed cost effective water sanitizing systems

2006-2008: Senior Environmental Engineer- Liberal International


Managed the resource conservation team of experts


Trained in the coordination of environmental audits

Trained in resource conservation and environmental compliance

Trained in operation management and cost control


1993-1997: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering- University of Miami

1998-2000: Master of Business Management- University of New York


Efficiently managed departmental operations on a daily basis and significantly reduced production costs

Increased production levels through effective time management applications and improved scheduling of projects

Consistently maintained a high level of environmental compliance




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