Network Engineering Resume Format

A good network engineering resume should be a clear representation of what the job applicant is able to do. The important aspects of the resume include the career objective, educational background and professional qualifications. The employer is interested in how the applicant will benefit the organization. This resume can also be used to apply for network engineer jobs, lead engineer jobs, system engineer jobs, test engineer jobs, software developing engineer jobs e.t.c

Sample Network Engineering Resume

Roy James

85 Queen Way

Harlem, New York

[email protected]

Mobile Number: 15987592

Telephone Number: 23598320

Career Objective:

To be an accomplished technical consult in the area of network engineering and play a leadership role

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Network Engineer- Technical Manufacturers International


Developed a range of network plans and file server installations

Upgraded hardware platforms and supply of power

Installed servers for several clients

2003- 2005: Technical Consultant- Forward Manufacturers


Relocated data centers for increased efficiency of data management

Provided consultation services for a number of clients

Trained a number of teams on system upgrades

2006: 2008: Senor Technical Analyst- New Age Manufacturing Company


Trained teams for the purpose of carrying out technical projects


Trained in system support, installations and troubleshooting

Trained in project management

Trained in networking for various applications


1993-1996: Bachelor of Computer Science- University of New York

1997-1999: Master of Information Technology- University of New York


Set up a number of data centers that made a significant and positive impact on data management in various organizations

Managed to maintain low operational costs that resulted in savings worth millions of dollars

Created a disaster recovery system for a number of departments


Watching sports

Playing baseball

Writing songs

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