Ocean Engineering Resume Format

Individuals who seek employment in the field of ocean engineering should be ready to commit themselves fully and maintain a proactive approach to their work related situations. The content of the resume determines the possibility of a job applicant securing an opportunity to be interviewed. This sample ocean engineering resume can also be used to create resumes for marine engineer jobs, field service engineer jobs, support engineer jobs e.t.c.

Sample Ocean Engineering Resume

Frank Gene

46 Lay Street

Boston, Massachusetts

[email protected]

Cell Number: 59856894

Telephone Number: 853609358

Career Objective:

To work as an ocean engineer who requires minimal supervision in the execution of my duties as a committed and loyal employees

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Ocean Engineer- Design Engineering Crew


Designed boat ramps and systems for dock preservation

Carried out research on the existing fish species in order establish ways of preserving marine life

Coordinated the functions of regulatory personnel

2003-2004: Applications Engineer- Cross Atlantic Engineers


Prepared reports on the various projects that were undertaken

Evaluated the inspections of a number of construction projects

2005-2008: Ocean Engineer- Wonder Systems International


Responsible for issuing permits to marine explorers and scientists

Trained in data collection and equipment deployment

Trained in on board operations along with marine protection

Trained in ocean agency coordination and construction operations


1993-1996: Bachelor of Ocean Engineering- New York Institute of Engineering

1997-1999: Marine Fisheries Certification- New York Institute of Engineering


Certified by the Association of Ocean Engineers

Coordinated several long distance voyages for a number of ships

Coordinated various agencies for the purpose of carrying out protective measures for shore fronts





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