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Frank Jessops
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Creative marketing strategies that connect individuals with sporting brands and accessories
Sports-advertising advisor, counselor, consultant, and innovative manager positioning brands to entice “Generation Y” consumers. Thrive on surpassing competitors, aligning company goals with the “big picture”, and aggressively increasing market share to improve profit margins and utilization. Excel in transforming young-adult consumer behaviors into desirable brand imagery and consumer affinity. Achiever, Diligent, Organized, and extremely passionate.

• Media Liaison
• Special Event Experience
• Athlete Assistance     • Conflict resolution
• Marketing Sponsorship & Promotions     • Branding Placement
Career Experience

Surfing Incorporated, Dayton, OH

1988 – Present
Marketing Supervisor/Managing Director
Innovative start-up touring venture created through understanding the industry through a successful career as a high achieving competitor with “brand-name” recognition conceived by a series of competitive wins, on-camera media appearances, and events management triumphs. With a vision to unite sports enthusiasts with professional skateboarding, surfing, motocross, and wakeboarding athletes.  The idea quickly gained momentum, driving hundreds of individuals eager to participate in coaching clinics, competitive events and special promotions, further rewarded by interested sponsors and media venues.

Critical to the success of the venture was shaping a core business infrastructure to evaluating the business demographic, ride out the market, and provide top-of-the-line services and products. Organized extensive market survey of US and British consumers to spot and link products/services with the desired demographic of specific age groups, genders, and purchasing potential. Negotiated equitable payment terms, and arranged capital financing structure to help the business grow and to gain favorable market share. To date have exposed services and products to 150,000+ sports fans, and reached 300,000 people via media coverage.

• Captured lucrative business alliances with 30 specialist retail stores nationally. Passionate interest generated for sponsored products during clinics, demonstrations, roadshows, and retail stores. Personally created 30 new accounts and connected 7 new services and 3 new products on behalf of sponsors to interested consumers.
• Captured 9 sponsorships overcoming uncertainties posed by a difficult economy and tightening budgets by providing strong advertising campaigns and extensive worldwide media exposure.
• Event Coordinator / Site Manager / Sponsorship Coordinator, Tour 1999, 2001.
• Wakeboarding Competition Coordinator, 900º surf and skate events 1999, 2002, 2006.
• Running Tour Manager, Britain and USA.

Quick Sports, Dayton, Ohio

1998 – 1999
Managing Sales Representative / Marketing Consultant / Sports, Event & Athlete Management Consultant
Took initiative to create a high profile industry reputation for existing and future clients such as Yamaha, Acme Exports, and Sports Authority.  Recognized need for recruitment of a senior sales manager, marketing coordinator, and events/athlete management consultant, which initiated hiring hard working individuals to driving product expansion into previously unexplored markets. Challenged by the hard economy, the products have been an unexpected success.

• Introduced protective gear and outer wear helmets to state Education Department.
• Researched and developed clothing, helmets, and eyewear products for sponsors labels to surfing and wakeboarding sectors.

Incredible Skating Power, Columbus, OH

1995 – 1998
Sales and Marketing – Boats
Managed intense marketing campaigns to represent company logos at trade shows, devised advertising strategies and acted as a primary point of contact for customer relations enquiries.

• Sports TV Journalist CNNSport, Channel 53 and Europe’s Chill Scene.
• Local newspaper and media relations contributor.
• Professional instructor, seasonal wakeboard and snowboard coaching to elite levels.
• Motivational speaker at Special Olympic events.

Ohio Small Business School, Columbus, OH

Certificate, Small Business Training

Kent State University, Kent, OH

Human Movement Course

Aeronatical Course College, Dayton, OH

Certificate, Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering
Thousands of hours devoted to ongoing professional development events through training course instructors and attending workshops, information sessions and short courses. Includes training in sports equipment, people management, and occupational health and safety.

Holder: Pilot’s License, Marketing License, Advertising License, Motorcycle License, Boat license Pending: Helicopter License, National Broadcasting Certificate.


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