Credit Analyst Resume

A sample credit analyst resume is given along with this article. Mr. Richard Anderson is the respective candidate applying for the post. Here is the resume sample for applying for the post of credit analyst. The following sample can provide you the relevant idea that you need for preparing a sample credit analyst resume.

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Academic Background

  • Achieved MBA Degree in Finance from the University of Ohio State – Graduate Management School, Columbus, OH, in the year 1996 which included specialized papers like Corporate Finance and Reporting, Global Macroeconomics, Capital Market and International Finance.
  • Achieved Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with specialization in Accounting and Finance from the University of Ohio State – Graduate Management School, Columbus, OH, in the year 1994.

Computer Programming Skills

  • Knowing Office Package: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook Express.
  • Knowing Operating Systems: Windows9X, Windows2000, Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • Knowing IBM PC, Lotus 1-2-3 and MS-Dos.

Professional Excellence Summary

  • More than twelve years of experience in commercial lending and retail banking.
  • Skilled at credit and financial study.
  • Capable of analyzing of financial statements.
  • Affluent in Dutch and also educated in conversational and written German language.
  • Naturalized Citizen of the United States of America.

Professional Background

Since 2004 working as a Commercial Loan Credit Analyst in the Wisteria Bank, Grace City, OH, and providing systematic services as part of lending panel. Evaluate financial and monetary documents and statements. Expand pro-forma documents and cash flow projections. Findings certificates and other necessary documents and arrange individual and autonomous recommendations on suitability of giving way credits for business lenders.

From 2000-2003 worked as a Senior Personal Banker and efficiently handled responsibilities like assisting the administration of the branch. Oversee the overdraft project reports of the branch. Analyze and implement consumer loans. Manage the vault section and audit all the tellers and provide customer care service.

From 1997-1999 worked as a Personal Banker and was responsible for establishing and servicing special customers’ accounts. Assist area office corporate lender monthly on a rotating commercial loan.


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