Fire Chief Resume

Fire chief is the position who provides enforcement of all ordinances and laws. This position is having full commend, control and power over all persons working at fire. They are responsible for observing that the all the workers at fire are performing their duties in good way. They direct fire duties such as measuring, considering advice to control fire.

Fire chief and the workers at the fire are responsible for protecting life and property. Fire chief is responsible for find out solutions on reported fire case, gas leaks and other dangerous conditions. This position requires ability of quick decision to solve problems within a time.

Anthony Greg,
1203, West 62 Street,
Scotland, CA 01741,
(173)-483 7940.

Objective: Looking for an excellent and challenging position of fire chief.

Work Experience

AFC Fire Division, Boston
Deputy Fire Chief


  • Responsible for managing fire team of about 40 firefighters.
  • Trained and maintained team to face emergency operations.
  • Responsible for checking and executing an annual budget.
  • Done partnership with other fire chiefs to set up various other policies, procedures and mutual aid agreements.
  • Took responsibility of all management and tests of emergency response.
  • Provide fast response or emergency service within 3 months.
  • Responsible for other duties as needed.

City of Sacramento, Sacramento, CA
Worked as Deputy Fire Chief

  • Some emergency medical programs were designed and implemented.
  • Responsible for organizing program such as semi-automatic external defibrillator.
  • Also provided ambulance service.
  • Done other duties as needed.

Other Record:

  • Certificate of safety manager
  • Certificate of safety technician
  • Certificate of fire fighter I and II

Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, University of California, California


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