Fire Investigator Resume

The main responsibility of fire investigator is to conduct investigation to find out main causes of explosions and fire. They examines the fire sites and collect proofs such as metal fragments, glass, accelerant remains, charred wood etc to find out fire causes. They are also responsible for instructing children about danger of fire.

They take photographs of damage and proof related to causes of fire for the purpose of documentation. Also responsible for taking interviews of witnesses, building occupants and property owners to find information. After collecting all the information they prepare reports of investigation results.

Marshal Crew,
1934, West 84 Street,
Alpine, MA 03391,
(083)-494 7492.

Objective: Looking to grab a position of a fire investigator, which utilizes my professional and academic skills to achieve company goals.

Previous Work Experience:

Donan Engineering Inc. Alpine, CA
Worked as Associate Fire Investigator


  • Responsible for identifying causes and origin of explosions and fire.
  • Carry out some investigations to document the onsite conditions.
  • Responsible for supervising field testing and gathering photographic proofs.
  • Done various other duties as assigned.

Emergency Medical Associate of Dallas Fire Company, Dallas
Worked as Firefighter


  • Responsible for working as ambulance Lieutenant in 2003 to 2005 and carry out regular training drills.
  • From 2005 to 2006, worked with the position of captain of ambulance.
  • Worked as ambulance support secretary in 2007.
  • From 2007 to present date working as photographer.

Other Certifications:

  • State certified class B driver’s license.
  • Firefighter I red cross certified CPR instructor


  • Volunteer for Red Cross on a variety of projects.
  • Member of State University X-Country Team.

B.A., in Fire and Safety Technology, University of Springdale


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