Academic Resume format

An academic resume is a resume made for a precise reason and aim. Ordinarily, your academic resume will be necessary for scholarship requests and even university employment. Like any other professional career resume, an academic resume should have a focal point and personality on it to introduce your academic achievements.

When making an academic resume, always make sure to write only accurate data so as not to void your employment. An honest resume is a credible proof of worthiness.

Sample Academic Resume

Melanie James

123 Windy St., Baltimore

Maryland, USA

Home phone: (410) 123-4356

Fax: (410) 456-789

Email: [email protected]


A permanent position in a well-established kindergarten school


> Awarded teacher of the year twice in a row (2005-2006)

> School paper adviser

> Great American Teacher Award of 2007

> Model teacher for Baltimore elementary school

> Loves children of all backgrounds

> Well-experienced teacher and mother of two elementary children

> Developed an art program for kindergartens and first graders

> Very motivated at helping the handicap and disabled

> Fought for handicap rights

> personal relation skills


Practice and substitute teacher

Baltimore primary school 2005-2006

> covered for teachers who are on leave

> voted as teacher of the year

> handled detentions

> teacher-adviser of the schools writing club

Hearing impaired teacher

Auditory/Oral School of New York, Brooklyn New York 2006 to present

> directed a school play for the hearing impaired

> chaperoned students to an international hearing impaired convention held in Australia

> Teaching math and science to the hearing impaired students.

> Assistant adviser to the schools music club


Bachelor of Science in Education major in Elementary Education 2005

Graduated Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale

Master’s in Special Education major in hearing impaired education May 2008

MUST University

> Thesis: Effective Multimedia Communication Tools For Hearing Impaired Ages Three to Nine Years Old


Ms. Amy White

Principal and head teacher

Baltimore Primary School

Contact details: (410) 456-8888

[email protected]

Ms. Jenna Rinks


MUST University

Contact details: (410) 345-7778

[email protected]


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