My First Resume Format

In making your first resume, you need to put all the awards you had received from your past school years. Moreover, you can put your hobbies and interest to highlight the things you really love the most. In addition, you can put reliable character references so that somebody will back you up for the information that you had written.

My First Resume Sample


777 Hollywood Village, Beverly Hills CA 90210

Home: (231) 542 1244

Cell: (101) 421 5432

[email protected]



International Hollywood School, Beverly Hills CA 1999 – 2007


Brent High school, CA 2007 – Present


Pig Excrement Engineer – Mark’s Pig Farm


* Regularly shovel pig excrement out of stalls
* Feed slop to pigs

Cart Attendant – NEPA-Q Mart


* Arrange carts and fetch carts left outside the establishment
* Push carts and line up carts for customer use

Lemonade Stand Seller

Summer 1998

* Sell iced lemonades
* Make special lemonade drinks
* Pick good lemons for juicing


* Best in Mathematics – School Year 2001 – 2002
* Best in English – School Year 2002 – 2003
* Mr. Popularity award
* Mr. Intelligent award
* MVP Intramurals 2008
* Best in Declamation 2008

Volunteer Experience

* Run for a cause (fund run for community projects)
* School grounds volunteer cleaners
* Make it Green (Campaign for planting trees)


* Boy Scouts
* School Chorale
* Varsity (Basketball team)

Hobbies/ Interest

* Playing the guitar
* Drawing
* Playing basketball
* Playing video games
* Study Mathematics
* Read books

Computer Skills

* Internet Browsing
* 70 WPM Typing Speed
* Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office applications

Character References

Prof. Margaret Wilson – Mathematics teacher

Prof. Aaron Guese – English teacher

Prof. Georgina Smith – Choirmaster

Coach Francis Pumaren – Basketball Coach


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