Doctor Resume format

The doctorate degree resume format focuses on the academic career rather than on the work experiences. At the beginning of the resume, write your profile, either in paragraph form or in bullets. Summarize your current profile, including your highest attainments, the things that you do, and the highest award that you have received in the span of your career. Basically, readers are able to grasp in one glance your profession and career level from this part.

The next section must be dedicated to your educational background. Arrange it chronologically, with your course, name of school, and time frame. Elaborate each entry by listing your dissertation topics, thesis, and researches. Other details, such as achievements may be listed, too. However, avoid writing everything, especially the minor details. As a doctor, your highest attainments would already satisfy your readers.

Notable achievements and awards must be listed in the next section because they testify to your successful career. Likewise, your important works and publications prove your contribution to the society after years of study. Finally, your work experience must be accounted in the end. Provide a brief summary of your key functions and notable performances. Since this is a professional representation of your years of career, bear in mind that it must be concisely written using professional English.

Doctor Resume Format and example

Meghna Kaif

Delhi, India

(012) 345 6789

[email protected]


* Certified public lawyer
* Professor of Comparative Law in a reputable school in India.
* Publicizes excellent dissertation studies on Comparative Law and other respects of General Law
* With an experience in handling client cases


Ph.D in Law                 2007-present

University of Delhi, Delhi, India

Dissertation topic: The Facets of Constitutional Law

Masters in Comparative Law         2005-2007

University of Delhi, Delhi, India

Thesis topic: Comparative Law and its effectiveness in India

Bachelor of Science in Law         2001-2004

University of Delhi, Delhi, India

Thesis topic: History of Comparative Civil Law

Bachelor of Science in Political Science      1998-2001

University of Delhi, Delhi, India

Thesis topic: Public policy in five different towns in Delhi, India


* Nobel Prize Award for the dissertation topic “The Facets of Constitutional Law” 2008
* Young Achievers Award, 2008
* Certified Lawyer


* Book: Introduction to Comparative Law. Nutech Photolithographers. 2008
* Dissertation: The Facets of Constitutional Law. Sage Publications. 2007
* Thesis: Comparative Law and its effectiveness in India. Sage Publications. 2007


Professor in Comparative Law               2007-present

University of Delhi, Delhi, India

* Handles all the facets of comparative law using the traditional material and non-conventional techniques
* Designs easy to read instructional materials from a wide spectrum of sources
* Assistant Director for Masteral Studies

Instructor in General Law         2006-2007

* University of Delhi, Delhi, India Covered the full spectrum of the curriculum using modern techniques to encourage interest among the students
* Devised class activities relating to the subject and field

Lawyer Associate           2004-2006

Trustman & Co, Delhi, India

* Worked with a team to tackle different cases of clients
* Focused on the Civil Law aspects of the cases

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