Radiologist Resume

A radiologist is a professional person who performs various types of test like X-rays, ultra sounds and magnetic resonance imaging. They interpret the actual problem and treat the disease. You can start preparing a great sample resume by referring to the same format. This resume will definitely work in catching the attention of your respective employer

Christopher Marlow
1224 Archer Road
Gainesville, Fl 32607
Cell: (452) 555 – 1987
Email:[email protected]

Career Summary:Looking for a position as a Radiologist wherein I can make effective use of my knowledge of mobile radiography, fluoroscopic procedures, CTRs and MRIs in an established organization.

Core Proficiencies:

  • In-depth knowledge of test methods, use of instruments, radiation physics and dosimeter equipments
  • Profound knowledge of troubleshooting and maintenance of radiographic equipment
  • Sound knowledge of laboratory policies and procedures
  • Profound skills in physiology and anatomy, radiology protocols and standing orders, CDC protocols, radiological positioning and radiation safety procedures
  • Ability to produce high quality images
  • Possess ability to operate diagnostic radiology equipments
  • In-depth knowledge of chemistry and use of hazardous substances
  • Possess good communication skills

Educational Summary and Certifications:
Bachelor’s degree in Radiology, College of Medical Science, Florida 19XX
Certified course in Radiology, Medical Associates, Florida 19XX

Professional Experience:

Appolo New Florida Hospital, Florida
20XX till Present

  • Handled the tasks of evaluating accurate and quality X-rays/images
  • Diagnosed disease by using computer assisted tomography, radiology, nuclear medicine and ultra sound
  • Examined internal structures and functions of organs, making diagnosis after co-relation of X-ray findings with tests and examinations
  • Administered radiopaque substances by injection to make organs and internal structures visible on X-ray films

Martin New Clinic, Florida
19XX to 20XX

  • Performed radiographic examinations low amount techniques, positioned patients, selected and set technical factors and adjusted equipment parameters by taking consideration of physical differences
  • Performed mammography examinations by using conventional and high-tech equipments
  • Maintained sterile bag, Catheters and contract materials
  • Ensured adequate professional reports are available accurately and in timely manner
  • Performed the tasks of general radiology reporting, ultrasound, CT, barium studies and interventional radiology

Global Radiology centre, Florida
19XX to 19XX
Radiology Intern

  • Responsible for maintaining statistics of radiographic studies
  • Tracked and maintained record on preventive maintenance, quality control measures and equipment services
  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop and maintain quality assurance programs for radiology services
  • Participated in clinic craniological conference, presentations and patients reviews
  • Kept up to date knowledge of relevant literature
  • Ensured proper adherence of medical and administrative policies in radiology department


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