Registered Nurse Resume format

In making your Nurse resume, you must include important details such as license number, working experiences and educational attainment. Moreover, putting awards and attended seminars would also be a plus factor. Registered nurses are in demand all across the world nowadays. Most hospitals are looking for licensed and experienced nurses who are dedicated on doing their job.

Registered Nurse Resume Sample


165 Huntington St.

New York City, New York 1209

(864) 654-1245

[email protected]


New York College, Albany NY

B.S. Psychology, 1992

Albany School of Nursing

B.S. Nursing, 1999


NY Registered Nurse # 12312342, 213132

NY Practical Nursing License # 12739817-12 16611

(State) Registered Nurse License #555555-55, 1231     (State) Licensed Practical Nursing License #4444444-44, 1651


* Positive attitude , interface with patients and nursing staff
* Flexible, easily adapts on working environment and given schedule
* Team leader that creates constructive working environment, making patients stronger and spirit
* Supporter of patients rights
* Make every effort to recognize patients’ needs and concerns.


New York Health Center, New York City, NY   2002 – 2006


* Teach patients and love ones on disease processes and recovery procedure
* Manage oral and Intramuscular medications
* Checking patients temperature and medical equipments attached on them
* Leading procedures with leadership skills
* Assisting patients concern whenever needed
* Participates in every emergency situation
* Assisting new nurses on their particular tasks

New York State University, Albany NY 2001 – 2002

School Nurse

* Give first aid on students whenever needed
* Assisting teachers on teaching first aid to students


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