Sample Healthcare Business Analyst Resume

Health care business analyst collects and analyzes information and user requirements, needs and their goals. They develop and designs useful test plans and provides advice on test results. They work with IT professionals, software developers, subject matter experts and define the scope of project and objectives. He or she identifies the needs of user and make documentation of business requirements.

Healthcare business analyst defines work flows and business flows. They work with leading analyst and architects to develop project plans. They work together with development leads and architects to make documentation of changes in software required for project.

John Kreg,
1387, West 87 Street,
Carlisle, CA 01841,
(623)-556 7930.

Objective: Looking for a position of healthcare business analyst for a leading company where I can prove my sales and marketing skills.


  • Excellent communication and analytical skills.
  • Familiar with techniques such as UML.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration.
  • Able to understand software techniques and System Development Life Cycle.
  • Self motivated and able to work with close supervision.

Computer skills:

  • MS SQL Server Database
  • Windows Server
  • Redhat, Linux
  • Web browsers-Firebox
  • JavaScript

Work Experience:

New York General Hospital
Worked as Health care consulting

  • Used various patterns for 40 faculties and fellows and 110 staff members.
  • Responsible for managing daily activities of department including compliance initiatives, group practice agreements, managing care strategies and other.
  • Responsible for creating tracking system for daily schedules.
  • Checked all operations of department, salary and equipment budgets.
  • Also responsible for developing a system for epidemiological and statistical reports.
  • Responsible for other duties as assigned.

Keller Inc. Oakwood
Worked as Marketing Manager

  • Responsible for planning and analyzing various aspects of sales.
  • Responsible for managing marketing department including product development, starting new divisions, appraising new sales performance, trade shows, territory development, advertising and many other duties.
  • The models that I was working was included sales sheets, budgeting, forecasting, customer buying frequency, lead management, pipeline management and many more.
  • Used excel’s data analysis program, statistical package, financial functions and solver function.
  • Done various other duties as assigned.

Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, New York University, NY


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