Sample Healthcare Consultant Resume

This position develops analysis determined by clients from simple to the complex. Arranges analysis, methodologies, review the findings and applies these finding to the project. They are responsible for managing company relationships and improve the total performance of company. Healthcare consultant conducts daily rounds of ICU. They discuss with other consultants on ICU rounds and discuss on other related issues.

They also participate in training programs and activities of nursing department, critical care team, cardiac surgery and other related departments. He or she does the administrative management of ICU. They are also responsible for assigning specific administrative responsibilities.

Michkel Pitter,
1935, West 94 Street,
Carlisle, SA 09431,
(743)-856 7083.

Objective: Looking for an excellent opportunity to work as healthcare consultant for a reputed company to utilize my excellent skills in consulting.

Work Experience:

Medical Management Advisors, Los Angeles
Worked as Associate Consultant


  • Worked as consultant for the firm of management of health plans and integrating delivery systems.
  • Also provided support in business planning, strategy, organization, health care finance and network design operations.
  • Done various other duties as assigned.

Avalon Cancer Center, Denver, CO
Worked as Research Assistant


  • Responsible for organizing long research projects to separate mannose receptor and the related proteins.
  • Used complicated state of the art equipments.
  • Responsible for representing patients and verifying and expanding theories.
  • Responsible for record keeping, time management and organization.
  • Worked independently as needed to achieve company goals.
  • Responsible for various other duties as needed.

Northwestern University School of Medicine, Boston
Worked as Lab Technician


  • Responsible for developing research data directing the surgical techniques.
  • Responsible for conducting experiments.

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Boston University
M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Boston University
B.A in Journalism, Boston University

License: Licensed Psychologist


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