Sample IT Help Desk Resume

By applying your knowledge you can edit this sample resume as per your requirement for the IT help desk post. Good computer knowledge is necessary requirement for the IT help desk post. Here sample IT help desk resume is given for your refernce.

William Kelvin,
8225, North 22 St.
Carlisle, MA 509,
(626)-526 290.

Objective: Willing to apply for the IT help desk post in reputed organization to apply my skills.

Educational Qualification:

  • MS from San Jose in 2000.
  • BS from Austin in 1997

PPR and Assoc., Denmark
Job Profile: As IT help desk assistant

Tasks performed during job are as follows :

  • Trained the new recruited users so they should be able to do work as fast as possible.
  • Attended different lectures of specialist which helps to increase efficiency of users.
  • Created database for different application by using SQL, Microsoft Access etc.
  • Managed the PCs of all user by using new technologies.
  • Created different articles which help user in their training period.

Computer Skills:

  • Microsoft Access.
  • SQL
  • Also have knowledge of Oracle.
  • Able to learn new technologies.


  • Able to adapt new technologies as fast as possible.
  • Able to create new technologies with the help of presented technologies.
  • Able to do work as assigned.
  • Able to process data on computer as fast as possible.


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