Hospitality Specialist

Wilford R. Stone
3490 Brownton Road
Jackson, MS 39213
(662) 397-8849


Certified Management Consultant with over two decades of promoting international travel and tourism. Excellent interpersonal skills; able to understand client needs and create unique travel experiences.

• Budget Administration     • Innovative Marketing
• Human Resources
• Employee Empowerment
• Training
• Group Catering Management
• Catering     • Industry  Networking
• Food & Beverage     • Inventory Control
• Front Office Operations     • Market Research
Benchmarks and Milestones

Corporate Communications, Sales, and Marketing
• Re-engineered an historic lodge which had fellen into disrepair. Created marketing strategy to renew it to its former status as a luxury travel destination.
• Created widely-read travel industry newsletter.

Organization and Management
• Revamped historic lodge including gardens and interior design of facility.
• Launched successful independent travel agency with expertise in maneuvering around government regulations.
Professional Experience

WMC Travel, Jackson, MS

1998 – Present
General Manager
Improved revenue of lodge by 400%. Restructured the facility to accomodate holiday travelers and expert skiers. Managed extensive repairs and redesign.

Designed all new additions, created new menus, wrote policies and procedure, developed aliances with local businesses for cross-promotion.

SFB Ranch, Jackson, MS

1995 – 1998
Director/Marketing and Business Consultant
Identified a lucrative niche market of meat distribution to the travel industry. Created effective campaign to sell meat products to airports, hotels, and restaurants.

Lilac Lodge, Jackson, MS

1990 – 1993
Management/Marketing Advisor
• Coordinated a thorough external and internal renovation of the property. Incentivized staff to provide superior customer service.
• Responsible for menu development, lodge bookings, purchasing and staff management.

Professional Development

Courses in:
Management Consultant
Marketing Strategies and Planning
Marketing Communications
Sales and Marketing
Logistic Transport Supply

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