Sample Hotel General Manager Resume

This article contains detail for the post of hotel general manager. You can edit this sample hotel general manager resume and create your own resume by just replacing the particular field information.

This article explains the example of particular applicant that is Mr. John Smith with his details such as experience, Qualification, Computer practice as below.

John Smith,
23 West 222
Ash Flat, AR,
(244) 787 8075.

Objective: Seeking job for the post of hotel general manager in reputed hotel in order to use all my skills and experience towards the growth of the hotel business.

Job Details:
Post: As assistant general manager.
Hotel: Lotus hotels and towers, Bristol, CT.
From 2000 till present date

Activities done during job are :

  • Trained new recruited assistant as per requirement.
  • Created and delivered the payroll records.
  • Managed records of employees, profit/loss document, sale department etc.
  • Motivated the employees to obtain the better performance.
  • Managed the different programs and seminars to increase efficiency of workers.

IT Skills:

  • MS Excel, Ms Power Point.
  • MS Access.
  • SQL.


  • Completed MS degree in Hotel Management from University of Akiak, AK.
  • Completed computer courses from reputed institute.


  • Able to assign duties to the co-workers regularly.
  • Capable to document the important notes which help in future.
  • Arrange the different programs of specialist to motivate the workers.
  • Keep the records of customers by creating database which is used in future.
  • Have seven year experience as assistant general manager.


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