Sample Kitchen Steward Resume

Kitchen steward is the position responsible for supervising the employees in cooking to make sure about the cleanliness, quality, efficient and economical food service. They assign the non-cooking employees and helper for activities such as dishwashing and silver cleaning. The position is also responsible for hiring and discharging the employees and posting production records. Kitchen stewards observe the performance of employees and gives suggestions for improvement.

Robert Hutch,
7356, North 43 Street,
Carlisle, RA 73832,
(425)-721 2743.

Objective: Want to work as a kitchen Steward for a leading restaurant to give better service and improve my skills in this field.

Work History:

Rita’s Steak House, Tarrytown
Kitchen Stewards


  • Oversee the non-cooking staff and make sure about cleanliness, efficient and economical food service.
  • Responsible for silver cleaning, dishwashing, cookware replacement and maintenance.
  • Responsible for observing performance of employees for better improvement.
  • Perform various other duties as assigned.

Sunrise Dining, Tarrytown
Kitchen Assistant


  • Responsible for cleaning cookware, dishwashing, silverware and taking record of linens.
  • Responsible for reporting kitchen stewards about shortages.
  • Done various other duties as assigned and as needed.

High School Diploma


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