Sample Wait Staff Resume

Wait staff is responsible for preparing the tables and laying napkins and utensils. They make sure about the replenishment of condiments and various other tasks. They are responsible for maintaining appropriate dining experience, fulfillment of customer’s needs, offering drinks and desserts, replenishing utensils and many more. They are also responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of customers.

This position is responsible for working in team environment and must be having good knowledge of working in team environment. They focus on the completing the customers needs. The position requires high school diploma.

Steafan Toufel,
5627, West 34 Street,
Carlisle, YT 083431,
(637)-263 8372.

Objective: Looking for an interesting position of waiter within a leading restaurant.


  • Able to follow all written and oral instructions.
  • Very good communication and writing skills.
  • Able to work more time with standing condition.
  • Uncommon ability to help people.
  • Able to understand and identify the speech of customers.
  • Familiar with computer literate.
  • Very good people management skills.

Work History:

Some Restaurant, Kane, HI
Worked as Head Waiter


  • Take responsibility of whole management of restaurant.
  • Responsible for hiring, training, supervising and terminating the staff.
  • Performed various other duties as needed.

Wait Staff Resume
Collins Hotels Inc., Tarrytown, NY
Worked as Waiter


  • Responsible for cleaning wait station including wiped counter and cleaning coffee, juice, soda machines.
  • Responsible for helping in washing dishes.
  • Provided guidance to customers to get their tables.
  • Provide information about daily specialties to customers.
  • Responsible for preparing restaurant for next shift.
  • Presented menu cards to customers and answered their questions.
  • Worked with other staff with professional, friendly and helpful manner.
  • Done various other duties related to waiter post.

Education History:
High School Diploma


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