Payroll and Benefits Coordinator Resume Format

Companies with large employees spread across various locations often have departmentalized payroll administration functions. This is done to accommodate remote branches and affiliates each having its own Payroll and Benefits Coordinator to recognize the variances in salaries even for the same position and job grade. They also may have distinct local payroll depository accounts for their respective area employees.  But at the end of the day, all these coordinators build the data for their headquarter payroll managers to consolidate in the corporate HR and payroll system

Payroll and Benefits Coordinator Resume Format

Jermaine H. Stein

Margaret St., Key West, Florida

Phone: (305) 787-5633

[email protected]


To become part of a team of payroll and benefits coordinators for a large global or multinational company

Summary of Qualification

* About 4 years of HR experience
* Excellent interpersonal and social skills to interface with department and division heads in crafting the job descriptions of their subordinates.
* Excellent communication skills in English and Spanish

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – Present:   Payroll and Benefits Coordinator, Bernstein Capital, Florida Branch

* Process payroll ensuring the correct IRS withholding taxes and pertinent deductions and approval routing to Regional Manager.
* Perform correct data entry into the company HR payroll system
* Ensure transmission of payslips to employees or posted on the private intranet
* Monitor compliance between corporate policy and current IRS regulations.
* Collaborate with the local Finance Manager to update payroll information for the region.


Received meritorious pay increases for consistent high quality job performance every year since joining the company


2003 – 2007:  BS in Accounting, Baltimore Hebrew University


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