Insurance Agent Resume Format

Insurance agents are required by all the insurance companies and their duties are to let businesses and people know about the insurance policies of the company and tell them what will suit them best. Insurance agents sell products or policies of an insurance company to the businesses and individuals. They look out for new clients as well and make reports of their work and keep records of the business matters.

Insurance Agent Resumes are helpful while applying for jobs in insurance companies.

Sample Insurance Agent Resume Format

Henrick Larson

76 Bridge Road



[email protected]

Mobile No: +1 432 54 37 90 7

Telephone Number: + 1 654 097 9876

Career Objective: want to join an insurance form as an insurance agent and want to utilize my experience in insurance industry. Want to take advantage of my communication skills and negotiation techniques and want to be useful for the company.

Professional Experience:

2005 – 2009 XYZ Insurance Company, Glendale, Arizona

Worked as an insurance agent in the company and earned record revenues by making sales to large entities and small businesses.


2002 -2004 –: Bachelor of commerce, University of Cleveland, Ohio, United States


Won the best insurance agent award from the company and also generated highest revenues for the company for 3 consecutive years. Trained new employees and made them more productive for the company.


* Tennis
* Hockey


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