Insurance Underwriter Resume Format

Insurance Underwriters are required by insurance firms and companies. Their duties are to determine the degree of risk and reduce it if the risk is excessive. They also evaluate the applicant’s financial position or evaluate the condition of the property. They also provide technical support to the complaints and make changes in the insurance policies.

Insurance Underwriter Resume is helpful while applying for jobs in Insurance firms and companies.

Sample Insurance Underwriter Resume Format

Ronald Jones

13, Wood Street



[email protected]

Mobile No: +1 800 74 57 87 7

Telephone Number: + 1 444 097 6656

Career Objective: Want to obtain a position as underwriter in a reputed insurance firm where I can contribute in company’s progress and want use my expertise to improve company’s efficiency.

Professional Experience:

2005-2009: ABC Insurance Company, California

Worked as an insurance underwriter and saved company from false claims. Evaluated the properties and brought the insurance police to actual value. Trained the new employees and formulated new techniques of insurance underwriting.


* 2000 – 2002: Bachelor of Finance – University of San Francisco, California, USA
* 2002 – 2004: Master of Finance – University of Los Angeles, California, USA


Won best insurance underwriter award from the company and introduced many techniques to evaluate applicants and made vital changes in insurance policies and provided technical support to incoming complaints.


* Sleeping
* Animals


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