Sample Benefits Administrator Resume

This is the position, which is responsible for providing information regarding to benefits of retirement plans and employee benefits. They provide advise and helps employees in selecting proper plans. He or she is also responsible for organizing and presenting education programs and arranges informational meeting for employees.

This position works in the areas of State Department of Higher Education, Oregon University System, Public Employees Retirement System, Public Employees Benefit Board, Social Security Administration and many more.

Jack Winslet,
1739, South 35 Street,
Carlisle, TY 82291,
(356)-104 2467.
Objective: Looking for a position of benefits administration that will allow me to utilize my administrative skills.

* Able to work with no supervision and minimal.
* Very good ability to prepare and present programs.
* Able to keep detail and accurate records and reports.
* Excellent human relations skills.
* Able to work independently and under pressure.
* Excellent communication and writing skills.

Previous Work Experience:
Some Company, Minneapolis, MN
Benefits Administrator

* Attend up to 100 calls per day related to benefits of health and life insurance, from representatives, retirees, health care carriers, providers and many more.
* Responsible for handling written correspondence related to benefits of health and life insurance.
* Responsible for maintaining regular contacts with account executives related to resolution of employees’ group health insurance inquiries and eligibility.
* Some issues regarding to health insurance were resolved.

Greatvine Inc., Minneapolis, MN
Worked as Assistant Manager

* Did research and analyze of salary benefit and rates, which were offered by other employers.
* Responsible for checking the salary structure of organization and benefits condition to make sure the balance between control of costs and retaining staff.
* Made some suggestions on changes to insurance and pension schemes.
* Responsible for managing payroll system.
* Personnel record systems were developed and maintained.
* Find out the causes of developed recommendations and personnel problems for improvement.
* Done various other duties as assigned.

Bachelor’s Degree in Science – Human Resources, University of Texas



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