Sample Benefits Manager Resume

Jack Waugh,
32876, North 43 Street,
Carlisle, TR 23754,
(104)-382 48339.
Objective: Seeking for a responsive and interesting position of benefits manager for a leading company.

Work Experience:
Greatvine Inc., Minneapolis, MN
Worked as Assistant Manager


* Responsible for implementing, developing and administrating the benefit policies and organizations rewards.
* As an assistant manager provide presenting options for employees.
* Helped manager with benefits packages.
* Responsible for various other duties as assigned.

Human Resources, Boston
Worked as Managing Director

* Responsible for directing and managing the attempts of HR teams in the areas such as recruiting, training, development, compensation, benefits, staffing, employee relations etc.
* Responsible for completing and developing progressive programs of human resources for $100m division.
* Responsible for various other duties as assigned.

B. A. in Finance, Boston University, Boston



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