Sample Field Investigator Resume

Field investigator is responsible for investigating insurance claims, which are filed for a various coverage in which the disability, general liability, compensation, casualty, property, health and life care of workers’ is included under the supervision. They use their own discretion to observe and collect the facts related to a claim.

Field investigator takes interviews person to be involved or having knowledge regarding to claim. They test all the collected information and facts and maintain proper and accurate case files. They produce detail reports independently.

Mark Kyalus,
3827, South 37 Street,
Carlisle, YR 04387,
(225)-390 1097.
Objective: Seeking for an interesting and challenging position of field investigator for a reputed company.

Essential Skills:
* Familiar with Insurance Claims Investigation.
* Excellent communication and interposal skills.
* Able to travel anywhere as needed.
* Strong Internet and computer skills.
* Strong attention skills

Work Experience:
Ounty of Honolulu, Hawali
Worked as Field Investigator

* Responsible for Compliance Enforcement, Licensing and Auditing.
* Reveal knowledge of techniques and principles of investigation and inspection.
* Responsible for using standard methods to keep records of business.
* Responsible for explain and interpret rules, regulations and laws.
* Meet verities of people and deal effectively with them.
* Responsible for gathering and verifying necessary information.
* Prepared clear and brief reports.
Some company
Worked as Regional Field Investigator

* Responsible for internal and external investigation related to cash, banking, employee wage and inventory control.
* Responsible for applying and developing training course for employees.

Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Boston University.


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