Functional Legal Resume

Below is an example of a Functional Legal resume. It focuses on the specific skills and experience of the applicant in his present and previous legal firm. This resume will help to catch up the basic ideas of writing a resume sample for the position of a Functional Legal. We hope the sample will help you in writing a standard CV to get you a desired position

Mary Lawrence
2134, West 67 Street
Carlisie, MA 01741
Cell: 253-555-1212
Email: [email protected]

Career Profile:
Skilled, talented and qualified legal professional with extensive knowledge of legal processes and procedures. Seeking a position as a Senior Legal practitioner in a reputed organization where my knowledge and skills can be utilized.

Professional strengths:

* Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
* Extensive knowledge of legal processes and procedures
* Possess excellent organizational and management skills
* Familiar with drafting formal letters, legal notices and contracts
* Ability to generate strategic legal planning and work under pressure
* Extensive knowledge of reviewing complex written documents and drawing conclusions
* Familiar with local, state and federal court procedures
* Skilled in legal research softwares and Internet research
* Excellent logical and problem solving skills

Professional Experience:

ABC Network Associates, Georgina
20XX till date
Corporate Legal Practitioner

* Responsible for creating and developing the policies and procedures of corporate law structures
* Assigned the tasks of writing manuals on corporate legal rights
* Played a leading role in handling various legal transactions of the organization
* Handled the tasks of preparing pleadings, affidavits and other legal documents
* Responsible for examining and reviewing legal documents of the organization
* Participated in various corporate legal meetings
* Handled the responsibilities of conducting legal research and maintaining legal files
* Assigned the task of drafting legal deeds and preparing audit letters
* Handled other tasks as required

XYZ Communications, Georgina
19XX to 20XX
Legal Assistant

* Responsible for providing administrative support for contract administrators and legal attorneys
* Handled the responsibilities of preparing affidavits of corporate legal sector
* Assigned the tasks of maintaining proper filing systems and confidentiality of legal departments
* Responsible for preparing audit letters for year end of the organization
* Handled the tasks of opening new insurance files and obtaining insurance policies
* Successfully solved legal questions pertaining to company’s rights and obligations
* Responsible for preparing legal memoranda and court papers

Bar Council, Georgina
19XX to 20XX
Legal Clerk

* Assisted legal officer in handling daily clerical activities of the organization
* Responsible for compiling and maintaining legal documents on computers
* Assisted Advocates in preparing legal statements and documents
* Responsible for answering phone calls, receiving and sending mails
* Performed other tasks under the instructions of Senior Advocates

Educational Summary:

* Bachelor’s degree in Law, International Law College, Georgina 19XX
* Master’s degree in corporate Law, Georgina university, Law department 19XX

Personal Details:

* Name: Mary Lawrence
* Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
* Employment Status: Full time
* Relationship status: Married


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