Judiciary Interpreter Resume Format

Court hearings and trials may involve litigants, plaintiffs and witnesses who are legal migrants who can barely speak or understand American English.  The court will often appoint a local Judiciary Interpreter who is tasked to translate to the court and for the witness the required languages.

Judiciary Interpreter Resume Format

Samuel J. Dy

N. Graham St., Charlotte, North Carolina

Phone: (704) 905-6998

[email protected]


To work as a part time Judiciary Interpreter for a state court of law while working as a language instructor in a college

Summary of Qualifications

* About 9 years of experience as a Judiciary Interpreter and as Chinese and French instructor in a college
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, French and Chinese (Natural tongue)

Career Experience / Job History

2001 – 2004:  Freelance Judiciary Interpreter for various courts in Boston

* Appear in court hearings and trials to assist French and Chinese migrant witness or experts in delivering testimonies by translating their dialect for the court and vice verse in English.
* Coordinate with the court clerk on the schedules of arraignment and appearances required.
* Translate into English or French the affidavits, prepared statements and testimonies of witnesses written in Japanese of Chinese.
* Translate in real-time during court testimonial depositions and trials.

2001 – Present:  Instructor in Chinese and Chinese and French, Boston Language Institute

* Conduct classes in French for linguistics students of the college
* Assist the faculty, museums, embassies and companies in translating documents


* Cited for meritorious work by the University regent Board
* Received commendations from a number of trial and appellate courts in Boston


2001:  Certified by the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators

1999 – 2001:  BA in English and French, Boston Language Institute

Natural knowledge is Chinese Mandarin


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